Disposable Ring Cups - Pigment Holders
Perfect for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip makeup and even small patterns of body tattoos. Ink cup holders ..
R1.50 R1.90
Dr Pen A1 Cartridges (Needles)
You can choose between the following cartridges:1 Pin3 Pins5 Pins12 Pins36 Pinsand NanoDr Pen consis..
R51.00 R54.00
Dr Pen Ultima A1 Derma Pen Silver
High speed 15000 RPM Derma Pen for Collagen Induction Therapy CIT, regular skin exfoliation, fine li..
R1,750.00 R1,850.00
Shalbe Lushcolor Repair Gel
Lushcolor Tattoo Aftercare Cream Permanent Makeup Repair Cream For Lips & EyebrowsDetailed Infor..
R150.00 R175.00